Catechism in a Year

What is this?

A group of us are following Fr. Mike Schmitz podcast which will cover the Catechism in a Year. To learn more about the podcast, visit: The Ascension Press Website. To join our weekly meetings or WhatsApp group (you are invited!), see below.

Weekly Meetings

We are meeting weekly to discuss the week's podcasts. All meetings are optional. If you can make it, wonderful! If you are too busy, no problem. If you didn't listen to 1 or all of the podcasts for the week -- you're still welcome to join! Our hope is this group will provide support, not a burden.

Tuesdays starting January 3, 2023: 6:30-7:30pm Pacific Time
To join: (preferred)
Or dial: (336) 948-0126    PIN: 441 726 974# (will not see video)

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WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is a iPhone or Android app used for messaging. We have a chat group for reminders and discussion between meetings. You are strongly encouraged to join so you don't miss out on these reminders or conversations. Steps to install (skip these 3 steps if you already have WhatsApp installed and are logged in):
  1. Goto
  2. Open the app and follow the instructions until you are signed in.
  3. Message or email Ken and he'll add you (360-852-1088 or

How do I find the PodCast episodes?

You can find the daily PodCast episodes in many places. Here are a few (click on these with the device you want to use for the podcast):


Ask on our WhatsApp Group Chat. Or just reach out to Ken!