2023 Mladifest

2023 Medjugorje Youth & Young Adult Festival (Mladifest)

The International Medjugorje Youth Festival (Mladifest) attracts tens of thousands of Youth from dozens of countries across the World. They all come to worship God and celebrate their common Catholic faith. This youth conference is known for its powerful impact on those that attend. It's known for its confessions (over 50,000 given during the festival), songs & dancing, adoration, and building a close relationship with God. See the links below for more information about this life-changing event.

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Medjugorje Youth Festival Pilgrimage Dates

The trip July 20th - July 31st, 2023.

2022 Youth Festival Schedule


$2,300 - $2,500 depending on final airfare cost (single room extra, when available)

Questions? Call Grace @ 702-281-1682 (before 4pm) or Nadine @ 702-328-5991 (after 4pm)

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